Taking A Step Back

Good morning beautiful birdies! Or rather…

Good morning, humble servants! (says the kitty kat)

Just look at that grumpy face! Just look at how cute it is! Doesn’t he look righteous and royal? *gushes


His righteousness has started making faces and getting all squirmy when I take out the camera now, haha. He thinks it’s play time. It’s hard to snap pictures of a squirming puddy cat, but I managed to get one nice one for you all!


I must admit that this morning I was wondering what I would be saying to all of you. As some of you know from my latest posts, I’ve been having difficulty with my novel and… guess what?

I’m still having difficulty! Even worse, I now realize that what I need is not necessarily to keep plugging away at it (a thing that stubborn me is more than capable of) but rather to take a step back, breathe, and perhaps change my mind with some other work.

But- but- but- nanowrimo, I cry out! My writing goals! My one-novel-in-a-month spree!

Well, some times it’s not always possible. Let’s look on the cute and happy side, shall we? Maybe I will still get over this hump. At worst, the novel gets finished next month or the month after. In the grand scheme of things and compared to my health, it is not a large problem.

Have any of you had to take steps back from your writing for the sake of actually getting it done? Let’s talk about this!


Weekend Observations

It has been a gentle (ableit slightly hectic) weekend in our little nest, lovelies. On top of trying to keep up with nanowrimo I suddenly started second-guessing my novel (never do that). And so almost an entire day was spent with a good friend discussing it from an editorial point of view.

It was tiring, but entirely worth it.

Have any of you been having difficult (this early!) in your nanowrimo projects? What do you do when you doubt yourself in a novel? Any suggestions?

A Rainy Little Day

Hello little Birdies! Today is a rainy little day. As I sit here and tap away at my laptop, it is gently raining outside. It is grey, it is cool, and I am so happy to be warm and nestled into my little home. I am not the only one nestled- look at this little cutie!DSCN0481.JPG

Well, it is now day two of Nanowrimo (I think, I hope! Otherwise I’m very confused, haha!) and I am still going strong – I have already gotten quite some ways into today’s word count. Yes, I know, the month has only just begun. But for someone who is ill this shall be quite the undertaking and I never know each morning if I will be able to write. This makes every day’s victory seem sweeter and all the more worth while celebrating, don’t you think?

Are any of you doing anything special for nanowrimo? Let me know!

Distant ~ Where Have You Been?

via Daily Prompt: Distant

Today is a tragic day, for many obvious reasons. As we mourn London’s tragedy and raise funds for Manchester, sometimes there are no words appropriate. Please give to appropriate charities if you are able to do so. If you need a distraction, as always, here are some cute cat pictures.

It would seem that the TwoLoveBirds have been distant as of late.

Where have these TwoLoveBirds been?

Have they been writing smutty things? (Gasp!)

Have they been admiring cuddly things?


Have they been napping in their nest?


Perhaps it has been all that and even more!

Stay tuned, we may have some very lovely surprises coming up for you soon! 😉

Precipice- What is it? An Erotic Perspective

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

As a lesfic writer currently slaving away at stories of two women madly in love (oh, woe is me!) certain words just make me giggle when I read them. ‘Precipice’ just happens to be one of those. Why? Because it could mean so much.

It could mean a moment, a special glance of the eyes that plunge the action onward. It could be that touch, that one caress, that tips the pleasure over the edge. It could be those words, those special and tender ones, that send the relationship spiraling to new heights.

It could be so many things. At least, that’s what the mind of a lovebird thinks.

 So, decadent readers, what does ‘precipice’ mean to you?