Who is this? A Love Bird!

Last night I was up to mischief. I started crocheting without a pattern- intent on making myself a plush that I could bring along for photo shoots on walks instead of fragile paper cutouts. And Lo! Behold! A birdie hath been produced!

Lookie this lovebird enjoying my early morning coffee!

DSCN1378 (2)

But what is the basic shape? It looks something like this…


Do you want to make your own little love birdie? Fear not! The pattern shall soon be posted – for FREE!




A Healthy Vegan Breakfast (lol)

Good morning! This morning, I woke up (hark!). I shambled to the kitchen (oh noes!). I took some cold coffee out of the fridge (YARR!). And I wondered what would make for a suitably healthy breakfast.

And because vegan is healthy… Lookie dis here uber-healthy breakfast!

DSCN1072 (2).JPG

Yes, those are (vegan! So it’s healthy!) chocolate chip cookies. And yes, that is Link and Epona riding to victory together – just like I’m about to victoriously begin typing away at the second half of a novel I started barely two weeks ago. Oh yeah. Feel the writing mojo!

Also, speaking of mojo… I think my cat was trying to fly… Sideways.

DSCN1055 (2).JPG

Just lookie how adorable he is! I’m in love with this flying attempt.

Anyways, I wish you all the best of days and a happy writing time! Have a great day!


Today, you see, was supposed to be spring. Not exactly the start of spring (I think it already started(?) or is supposed to start soon. Either way, it’s not that it was an exceptionally special day.

But it did so happen to be a day or so after I thought “Well, that’s the last of this year’s snow!”.

And then! This was the view from my window.


Does that look like snow to you? It looks like snow to me. I decided it indeed, was snow, after some speculation.

So then I wrapped the puddy cat up in a bundle (because snow means cold!).

DSCN1039 (2).JPG

And then … just look at this smile!


DSCN1032 (2).JPG

And this is when he woke up and saw me taking pictures ahaha!


DSCN1031 (2).JPG

And look! I started something wintery! I wonder what it is?


I hope you all have the best of days! Enjoy whatever weather you have and cuddle your furbabies! ❤

Good Morning!

Good morning lovelies! Today is a beautiful sunny, shining day full of potential. I was spoiled with breakfast in bed this morning! Eep! What more fabulous things does this day have hidden away? Well, it seems like it foreshadows… Knitting!

EEE! I love knitting! Beautiful wool is such a pleasure to work with. Yesterday I finished myself a lovely hat with a giant pom-pom on it. It was almost as cute as… these little pawsies.

Cute little cat paws!

Anywho, of course there’s going to be some good writing happening today! I’ve been writing on a particularly difficult piece lately, and if all goes stable and well I may actually finish it soon! And then I’ll have the joys of editing, re-writing, re-re-writing… hahaha.

I hope you all have a most lovely day!


Weehee! It’s Saturday! Pit is gaming, I am resting, and would you know it? I’m recuperating slowly from my little downer, so I’m now thinking of doing what all knitters indulge in… spending atrocious amounts of money on wool!

Luckily for me I traded some vintage objects in at a store and now have in store credit. And whooo! Wool! But this brings me to a dilemma…

As a man coming to terms with the fact that I knit, I have run up against a problem. I want to knit for myself, yet all the patterns on Ravelry are for women. Hark! As much as I appreciate lacy shawls featuring delicate rosebud patterns… I don’t think they suit me. So what is a man with an addiction to wool do? Well, swamp your beloveds with knitted things, obviously, haha. Pit is maybe going to start drowning in knits if I start knitting uniquely for her.

But what else will I do? Well, if I manage to sneak out of the house today (I’ll need a ride into town) I might spoil her with a rose. Just because… and then I’ll look something like this giving it to her…


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Hopefully I will be able to keep up and will have more drawings for you tomorrow, but no promises. Take care!


Blankies and Floof!

Hello birdies! Lately I have been picking up again on an old project of mine – a knitted quilt. Now, of course, puddy kat has an opinion on quilts and blankies in general.

Here we see his highness pondering the royal questions. Is this floofie enough?


Hmm, maybe it is floofie enough…


Ah, I think he fell asleep! Such hard work, investigating a blanket!


Haha, that’s it little birdies! Do you have any knitting projects these days? Any special treats/blankies your kitty kats love to snuggle on? Let me know!

A Beautiful Thing Has Happened!

That’s right little birdies! We got our first snow of the year! It’s lovely, fluffy, and gentle. It’s blustery and cold out, but we were just so excited this morning. Or at least I was. Pit is not so much of a winter person but I Lo-ove winter. It’s my season.

So just look at this! Delicate little puffs of snow all around!DSCN0534

Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t snow the best? Now what could be just lovely on a day like this? Well some wool and hot tea, of course (complete with cat fur! Haha!)!


What’s that Kitty Kat? We’re missing something else in this combo? Let’s see… snow, tea, wool… oh yes. Writing!

Happy writing, everyone!