Whelp, I did that

So yes, that’s me again. I decided to try my hand at being a drag king instead of queen, and wow. It nearly made me cry y’all. As soon as I put my hair down from my little ponytail, I felt like I was seeing myself, my real self, for the first time. Cheesy, I know, but so true.

It’s so silly, but when I was a child I really wanted to grow up to be Jack Sparrow. Then, as a teen I was given a Johnny Depp poster. I spent years looking at that poster thinking that that was how I wanted to grow up – and believing I could never get there.

Now, putting makeup on, even if it’s a beard made of black glitter, I feel as if it’s possible. I can be my own version of my childhood dreams. Knowing that hormones are so close, that I will soon be transitioning, I feel like, really, my dreams will come true!

Cheesy! But even more so, I’m listening to ‘If I Dream‘ by RuPaul.

Anyway, all that to say that I’m still working on my Youtube channel. I’m in the process of discussing with some authors about how to do their interviews, and valiantly battling with my ereader to get it to import books. The thing won’t show me the word documents I’m placing on it. Ahhh! Any idea why it’s doing this? Help!


Upcoming Youtube Channel!

Hey everyone! What a lovely and exciting day! First I went to cook at a community center and now * drumroll * I’ve started work on my first ever youtube video!

Now my channel is going to be simple, one-shot videos with very little editing. I want them to be raw and simple, both for time and energy management as well as style.

So what am I going to be doing on this channel? Well, discussing writing of course! First and foremost, writing, writing, writing! How to do it, where it comes from and goes, tips and tricks as well as how it intersects with other topics like mental illness and spirituality. I will also be doing indie author interviews and book reviews, which I will narrate to the camera (maybe with sock puppets like in ‘Carmilla’? Who knows!).

What else is there to say? Well I’ve made a commitment to do all my videos in drag. Why? Because I like drag. It makes me feel powerful, and I think it’d be fun to share that with people, as well as give myself a set time and excuse to get dolled up.

How often will I be posting? Never and whenever. I have made a no-schedule commitment in order to spare myself the pressure of having to do videos.

So, all that said, is there anything else you’d like to see on my channel? Video prompts that you’d like to see done? Do you want to be featured? Let me know!

A Big Thank You!

I wanted to start this post mainly as a massive shoutout to all you who have supported me, given me loving messages, and been oh so supportive these days. You’ve really helped ❤

I try not to vent about my mental health problems on this blog, because I want it to remain a happy place for people. That being said, reality is what it is and I’d be lying if I said that everything was always rosy and cheerful. I think the nicest way to put this is that in suffering, messages of support are underrated. I love them. I live off of them. They help me literally turn my moods around and are the anchors I cling to when the storm gets rough. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of a kind thought, word, or deed.

Please, if you’re having a hard time and need to speak to someone, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Don’t have anything to say? Ask me for a review. I’ll gladly do my best to show you what’s precious in your writing.

That being said, I really should do reviews! Reading is one way I try and keep my mental health on track, and I am currently taking out around five books a month from the local library on a variety of subjects. So yes, hmmm, I really should do that.

Actually, come to think of it, is there any particular things you would like to see me put on my ‘to do’ list for the coming month/year? A particular fanfiction you’d like written, a certain amount of posts, a series of questions answered? Give me your ideas!

Oh, What the HELL?

In case no one told you, Trump is in the process of trying to strip away Transgendered rights in the grand ol’ US of A. I’ve saved my swear words for my other blog post, so you’re spared. But what I will say here is this- talk about it, please! Don’t let our human rights be stripped away unnoticed! Call your politicians, create a stink! Please, if you consider yourself an LGBT ally, please, do something!

Hi lovelies! Ah, what a lovely morning it is! Over here, the sun is warm, the air bears that cool and crisp taste of fall – and behold!  Farfadel hath struck again!

For lo! Behold! As I lay in bed last night, thinking of my various transgender characters, a new one burst forth into my mind! Why, I nearly sat straight up and started writing!

It would be an epic character, I told myself! A character so swoon-worthy and serious. Most certainly, I told myself while lying in bed, that sort of character does not belong in the hectic and often silly world of Farfadel.

And so I went to sleep resolute that today, I would begin the tedious task of birthing an entire new world, just for this character.

But Farfadel, dear readers, has a way of getting what Farfadel wants. And as I sat before my keyboard this morning, I swayed. ‘Alright, I thought, ‘I’ll just try and set him in Farfadel.’

And it worked. Marvellously so. Even, I dare say, it just flowed. A story about mental health and depression just flowed from my (and on a half-working keyboard, that is quite the feat!) and I’m confident that it will be a splendid story that will do the character justice.

So that is all lovelies! I will try and keep you updated on the progress of so many of these Farfadel stories – and do be sure to read chapter five in the reading group! It is out today!

Take care everyone ❤


Announcing Things!!!

There is just too much excitement (coffee?) in me!  I must share, and I must share! It! ALL!

First of all, completely un-warranted, I am pleased to present my first trans character, a certain prince by the name of Shadow. No, he doesn’t feature in the soon – to – be released ‘A Tale of Two Queens’. Then why am I talking about him? Because, well, I drew a pretty picture, and I want to share it. Na. That’s it.

So Behold! Lo! Prince Shadow and … who? Well ye shall find out eventually great beloveds, if and only if ye scour the…


For Yes! Welcome One! Welcome all to the World of Farfadel!

Y’all, I’ve spent ages working on this website. The images on here are almost a year old, some of them now. But I have persevered, I have persisted – and now it’s here!

So please, share, read, and enjoy! Do let me know if links don’t work, and be prepared for so much more to come! This is only the beginning!

So… We Moved

Well Birdies! Want to hear the story of how we moved?

First we lifted all sorts of boxes.birdie lift.jpg

We may have hurt our backs a little…

birdie lift2.jpg

And we may have grown very tired…

birdie lift3.jpg

But now we have a beautiful home to live in!birdie lift4.jpg

And that’s it little birdies! That’s the big ol’ story of how we moved, haha! (And yes, I did kind of hurt myself during the move, but it was over a month ago [!!!] so I’m all better now)