So… We Moved

Well Birdies! Want to hear the story of how we moved?

First we lifted all sorts of boxes.birdie lift.jpg

We may have hurt our backs a little…

birdie lift2.jpg

And we may have grown very tired…

birdie lift3.jpg

But now we have a beautiful home to live in!birdie lift4.jpg

And that’s it little birdies! That’s the big ol’ story of how we moved, haha! (And yes, I did kind of hurt myself during the move, but it was over a month ago [!!!] so I’m all better now)




When Does a Book End?

Oh my goodness lil’ birdies! So I was convinced that I was going to finish writing this one book – and then take a breather. Refocus. Recenter. Wait patiently on my first editor’s feedback. Do what you’re supposed to do once you finish a big project.

But what happened instead?

Well, I had this dream the other day which gave me an idea for another story… not a big deal, it happens to me every so often. But then! Yesterday (the day I just so happened to declare the first book done and was starting to wonder what to do with myself next), I suddenly realized how to merge this new revelation with an old one and BAM! EPIC STORY TIME!

So now I’m knee thick in a transgender love story, complete with conspiracy and mystery and I’m wondering where the hell this plot is going and AGH! No rest for us wicked writers I suppose.

Wicked writers, puddy cat thinks. Very evwil. Must cuddle more.DSCN1136 (2).JPG

So Spoiled!

What can you get an author for your ‘got together’ anniversary (the anniversary of when you became a couple)? Cake, of course! Oh, but what kind of cake? Well…

A little birdie cake!DSCN1117 (2).JPG

My wife is the best, the sweetest, the most adoring and loveable squish anyone could want. She’s romantic and charming, and she went out of her way to get me this tiny little cake shaped and decorated like a bird. Just because of my writing blog, just for our ‘get together’ anniversary.

Like, isn’t that the cutest gift EVER??? Who could ask for more?

*gushes over adorably squeezeable wife*

I love my wife y’all. I really, really, do. 🙂

‘Cause Baby~ You Were Born This Way!

Happy Monday everyone! The workplace can be a space of discrimination and anxiety, but we here TwoLoveBirds believe it shouldn’t be! And we hope that this week you can be out and proud and supported in who you are!

The Gender Dragon Supports you!valentine 2Hihihi, pardon the early morning (late morning?!) silliness. I sincerely do hope you all have a lovely week free from drama and weirdness. Take care of yourselves!

Lots of Love, TwoLoveBirds

Some Obstacles are, Indeed, Temporary

via Photo Challenge: Temporary

While trying over and over again to connect with readers, some things have become painfully obvious. Namely, a very important change has been able to happen for me, and, due to integrity, that means that some changes were due in our ‘about’ page.

One of us (me) has begun the process of transitioning. That means we are no longer a lesbian couple. we are a trans/hetero couple.

What does this mean? Well, if you read our new ‘about’ and don’t mind, then great! You’re a wonderful person. If you see something that bothers you, then feel free to unfollow us. We won’t be offended.

But above all, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that who you know someone as may be temporary. Why? Because sometimes the body itself is an obstacle the person is trying to surmount and – if the fates are willing – they can. So never assume someone’s gender or identity is static. We are all constantly discovering and rediscovering ourselves- and that’s a beautiful thing.

Peace and love to all of you little birdies!