So Much Snow!

Well, lovelies, it is snowing again. And we’ve got snow up till ‘here’, as you can see in the picture, haha.

Wishing you all the best of days! Enjoy your weather!


There is just so much snow!

Well it’s been snowing a TON little birdies, with strong winds to whip it all up into a snowy frenzy! Some of us love it (I do!) and some of us don’t (Pit doesn’t, haha). It isn’t terribly cold (thank the gods) but it is still quite snippy outside.

And what does this mean for a writer? Well! It means hot drinks, warm, thick and woolly socks… and maybe some procrastination with all that haha! I have been writing on a new novel (oh yes!) and it is very funny and cute so far (no spoilers!).

I do tend to distract myself by admiring the snowy landscape from my window and drawing cute little birdies just to express the loveliness of the snowiness…

But back to writing! I hope you all have a lovely writing time and stay warm and cozy!

It’s Snowing!

Hello little birdies! As the holidays eek to their end we are doing all we can to soak it up, namely resting and resting some more – while our puddy cat does the same! Just look at this belly fluff!


And finally, I’m still having a blast drawing cute birdies, of course. And since it’s snowing outside, I’ve made it snow inside too 🙂


What do you think? Are you soaking up the rest? Are you going back to work soon? Have you done any cute drawings lately? Let us know!

Snowy Sceneries

Well hello everyone! Today, in our little world, we have snow. Beautiful, light, fluffy snow (that needed shoveling off a balcony). Lookit’ this beautiful scenery!DSCN0777.JPG

Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where snow and trees and such beautiful nature exists?


And lookit the cutest scenery of all!DSCN0598.JPG


Just so cute! So happy to be warm and snugglies inside while it’s cold out!


Are you getting any snow where you are? How are your cute little creatures responding to it? Drop a comment!.0

A Lovely Day

Today, little birdies, is a day for resting. Here, snow is floating gently down from the sky to pile in happy mounds across the earth. It is cool, it is chilly, it is a day for baking critter treats (oh yes!) and enjoying a warm and steamy cup of tea with some knitting.

What’s that? I forgot something?


Oh yes, writing. I should be writing. Thank you, Kitty Kat.

Haha, wishing you all a beautiful day of writing and doing what you love!


A Beautiful Thing Has Happened!

That’s right little birdies! We got our first snow of the year! It’s lovely, fluffy, and gentle. It’s blustery and cold out, but we were just so excited this morning. Or at least I was. Pit is not so much of a winter person but I Lo-ove winter. It’s my season.

So just look at this! Delicate little puffs of snow all around!DSCN0534

Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t snow the best? Now what could be just lovely on a day like this? Well some wool and hot tea, of course (complete with cat fur! Haha!)!


What’s that Kitty Kat? We’re missing something else in this combo? Let’s see… snow, tea, wool… oh yes. Writing!

Happy writing, everyone!