A Lovely Day

Today, little birdies, is a day for resting. Here, snow is floating gently down from the sky to pile in happy mounds across the earth. It is cool, it is chilly, it is a day for baking critter treats (oh yes!) and enjoying a warm and steamy cup of tea with some knitting.

What’s that? I forgot something?


Oh yes, writing. I should be writing. Thank you, Kitty Kat.

Haha, wishing you all a beautiful day of writing and doing what you love!



A Beautiful Thing Has Happened!

That’s right little birdies! We got our first snow of the year! It’s lovely, fluffy, and gentle. It’s blustery and cold out, but we were just so excited this morning. Or at least I was. Pit is not so much of a winter person but I Lo-ove winter. It’s my season.

So just look at this! Delicate little puffs of snow all around!DSCN0534

Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t snow the best? Now what could be just lovely on a day like this? Well some wool and hot tea, of course (complete with cat fur! Haha!)!


What’s that Kitty Kat? We’re missing something else in this combo? Let’s see… snow, tea, wool… oh yes. Writing!

Happy writing, everyone!