Cozy Cozy Cozy

What with the cold and the chills and the snowy weather, we can sometimes slip into feeling miserable. A lot of people tell me that they don’t like the cold, the snow, or the chills. But I say – just look at what it does!DSCN0795.JPG

Just lookit’ this cozy cozy little puddy cat all snuggled up and ruling his kingdom of fluff!


Just lookie him… telling me to put the camera away and get to writing? Oh, okay puddy.DSCN0793.JPG

Haha, wishing you all a very cozy day with lots of snuggles and happiness! Back to writing for all of us!




A Lovely Day

Today, little birdies, is a day for resting. Here, snow is floating gently down from the sky to pile in happy mounds across the earth. It is cool, it is chilly, it is a day for baking critter treats (oh yes!) and enjoying a warm and steamy cup of tea with some knitting.

What’s that? I forgot something?


Oh yes, writing. I should be writing. Thank you, Kitty Kat.

Haha, wishing you all a beautiful day of writing and doing what you love!


Not a Good Day

Today is not a good day, little birdies, and neither was yesterday. Sometimes our health catches up to us in ways we can’t foresee. I’ve decided to stop writing my nanowrimo novel and give it a rest, which was a difficult but necessary decision to make. I am still writing on other projects, and still keeping up with this blog, which is a small victory in and of itself.

To celebrate all the little joys in life, here’s some cuteness! Yes, that is my tummy he’s hugging while I write!DSCN0570

Just look at that happy face!


Wishing you all the very best in your writing! Have a lovely day!

Taking A Step Back

Good morning beautiful birdies! Or rather…

Good morning, humble servants! (says the kitty kat)

Just look at that grumpy face! Just look at how cute it is! Doesn’t he look righteous and royal? *gushes


His righteousness has started making faces and getting all squirmy when I take out the camera now, haha. He thinks it’s play time. It’s hard to snap pictures of a squirming puddy cat, but I managed to get one nice one for you all!


I must admit that this morning I was wondering what I would be saying to all of you. As some of you know from my latest posts, I’ve been having difficulty with my novel and… guess what?

I’m still having difficulty! Even worse, I now realize that what I need is not necessarily to keep plugging away at it (a thing that stubborn me is more than capable of) but rather to take a step back, breathe, and perhaps change my mind with some other work.

But- but- but- nanowrimo, I cry out! My writing goals! My one-novel-in-a-month spree!

Well, some times it’s not always possible. Let’s look on the cute and happy side, shall we? Maybe I will still get over this hump. At worst, the novel gets finished next month or the month after. In the grand scheme of things and compared to my health, it is not a large problem.

Have any of you had to take steps back from your writing for the sake of actually getting it done? Let’s talk about this!

A Lovely Chilly Morning <3

Good Morning little birdies! I wanted to snap some charming photos of our kitty kat for you – but instead I caught mr. grumples!


I wanted things to be particularly cheerful this morning because, well, I’m having quite the difficulty in the latest novel I’m working on. It’s … complicated. I feel like I’ve hit a particular roadblock. I’m quite sure I can overcome it with a certain amount of hot tea and perseverance, but it is draining to approach the same scene for the sixth time in a row!

How… Dull?


At least kitty kat thinks it’s dull, haha! He just wants me to put the camera away and go back to writing! Now if only the story would comply, haha!

Have a great day little birdies- wishing you all the best!


RoadBlocks and Knitting

Well lovelies, today is another start in the next week of Nanowrimo! Over the weekend I hit an enormous roadblock with my writing and wrote one chapter over four times – only to throw that chapter out and redo it completely differently!

It was quite the exercise in patience.

Speaking of patience – I’ve started a new knitting project! Here it is, full of kitty- kat approval.


Without the cat, this is what it looks like. It’s going to be a red and green cowl – perfect for the season!



How is all of your nanowrimo projects going? Have you started any other projects on the side? Let me know!

You Could Be Writing Right Now…

Some days, I swear, our little kitty-kat is full of sass. Just look at what he had to say today!

I’m not looking at you.


You’re not even writing right now. You could be writing.


Oh look! That’s your wordcount goal, up there! Wayy, wayy, away.


Just let me nap, dammit!


Well isn’t he such a little bundle of joy early in the morning? Maybe he hasn’t had his coffee yet, haha. Either way, I hope all of you are doing well with your nanowrimo goals this year! And I hope your word goal is not way, way, far away (at the top of the stairs, haha).