Some Obstacles are, Indeed, Temporary

via Photo Challenge: Temporary

While trying over and over again to connect with readers, some things have become painfully obvious. Namely, a very important change has been able to happen for me, and, due to integrity, that means that some changes were due in our ‘about’ page.

One of us (me) has begun the process of transitioning. That means we are no longer a lesbian couple. we are a trans/hetero couple.

What does this mean? Well, if you read our new ‘about’ and don’t mind, then great! You’re a wonderful person. If you see something that bothers you, then feel free to unfollow us. We won’t be offended.

But above all, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that who you know someone as may be temporary. Why? Because sometimes the body itself is an obstacle the person is trying to surmount and – if the fates are willing – they can. So never assume someone’s gender or identity is static. We are all constantly discovering and rediscovering ourselves- and that’s a beautiful thing.

Peace and love to all of you little birdies!



What do you mean, Writing? [In these dark times here’s a distraction if you need it]

In these dark times for many of us, I wanted to share something cheerful. I know the ‘license to discriminate’ is a horrible storm cloud hovering over many, and even though it will not affect me I fear in my heart for many who are dear to me who will be affected by it. Stand together in love and light, little birdies. Here is something cheerful if you need a distraction.

Recently one of the love birds, coughcough, me, has been slacking off on her writing. This is my face when Pit tells me I have to ‘get to it’ in the most gentle of ways:

And then I’m like ohhhh, I guess I’ll try

Then despite my best efforts I end up like this on the couch:

Haha, so you know who to blame if we’re late with our publishing! Do you ever have a hard time getting around to writing? Bonus points if you answer with a cute picture of your pets!


via Daily Prompt: Yarn

Ah, today is such a lovely day. Up here, in the strange northern climate where these TwoLovebirds live, it has been so hot in the past few days. But today I woke up and it was nice and cool. A lovely respite from the twenty-something sweltering heat. Now what better thing is there to do in cool weather than knit?

I was totally thrilled with today’s prompt ‘Yarn’. Yarn is amazing! One can truly unleash the imagination through it. It is cozy and lovely, comforting and enjoyable. It makes beautiful gifts, charity material, all ways to spread positivity in the world around us, all while instilling a sense of peace and joy in the maker.

The Quilt I’m working on in this image is an old, persistent project. It’s made of unwanted strands from local thrift stores. It’s made from odds and ends left over from beloved projects. I’ve been working on it for so long that it’s become an enjoyable companion, a living piece of my personal history nestled next to me as I knit the final border around it. When it is finished, it will not only be a blanket. It will be the quilt that me and my wife have already slept underneath on cool knights when the other blankets were not enough. The blanket we snuggled beneath on the couch while i was knitting it. The blanket that she encouraged me to finish despite the immensity of it.

That is what knits carry. Love, patience, hard work, and a story.