Weekend Observations

It has been a gentle (ableit slightly hectic) weekend in our little nest, lovelies. On top of trying to keep up with nanowrimo I suddenly started second-guessing my novel (never do that). And so almost an entire day was spent with a good friend discussing it from an editorial point of view.

It was tiring, but entirely worth it.

Have any of you been having difficult (this early!) in your nanowrimo projects? What do you do when you doubt yourself in a novel? Any suggestions?


The Meaning of Rainy Days – A Cute Cat Post

Today, little birdies, is a chilly and rainy day. But what are those days for? We have consulted with our kitty kat in order to bring you the greatest wisdom of all…

Rainy days are days to be philosophical…


They are days to curl up in blankets…


And they are days to just be cute!


Hoping you all have the greatest of days!

Carmilla Movie and Cuddles!

Creampuffs Unite! Has anyone else seen the Carmilla movie? Anyone planning on watching it soon? We pre-ordered during the Kickstarter process (if that’s the proper term for it) and have been excitedly waiting since.

The movies’ release date was even marked off on our calendar!

Birdies, we were so so excited for this. The instant yesterday arrived (and when we realized that it was THE DAY) we went out and splurged on goodies. Arms full of chocolate, chips, and tea, we snuggled on the couch and streamed… Carmilla The Movie!

And let me tell you that we were not disappointed. As a duo that regularly binges on Netflix and finds ‘nothing to watch’ we were completely satisfied. We were laughing, I was scared but not too much (I get scared by the slightest hint of suspense), we were nearly brought to tears once or twice, and it was lovely. A great movie, a brilliant and sweet plot, and a very happy ending. We were so, so pleased with it

Everyone- the movie is totally worth the buy. Go watch it! Let us know what you think! And, of course, enjoy another cute picture of our cat!

Have a nice day birdies!


Distant ~ Where Have You Been?

via Daily Prompt: Distant

Today is a tragic day, for many obvious reasons. As we mourn London’s tragedy and raise funds for Manchester, sometimes there are no words appropriate. Please give to appropriate charities if you are able to do so. If you need a distraction, as always, here are some cute cat pictures.

It would seem that the TwoLoveBirds have been distant as of late.

Where have these TwoLoveBirds been?

Have they been writing smutty things? (Gasp!)

Have they been admiring cuddly things?


Have they been napping in their nest?


Perhaps it has been all that and even more!

Stay tuned, we may have some very lovely surprises coming up for you soon! 😉

IDAHOT Day! [If you need some fluffy distraction, here it is]

We are well aware that many LGBTQ+ around the world suffer immensely from no rights, and many are at risk of losing crucial rights soon. On this day of combatting homophobia and transphobia, the outlook may seem dark. Here is some fluff, if it can help.

Hello little birdies! Today we are double-posting in order to celebrate IDAHOT! Yayyy!

So stretch out your legs! Put on your glamour!


Maybe wake up a little more …


Then CELEBRATE! Get out there and show off your ‘glam!

Or, if you are a cat, get your belly rubs!

Have a lovely day little birdies!