Guess What?!

Guess what is coming?! EEEEE!!!! I present to you….

Kim and Katrina!

Katrina on the left, Kim on the right

YASSS! For those of you who do not know, Kim and Katrina were the characters in a series of short erotic fics I wrote about a year ago… and now they’re back!

What? Am I going back to writing lesbian erotica?


Kim and Katrina are coming back in their very own FULL – Length SQUISHY LOVEABLE HUGGABLE NOVEL!!!

AGHHH! I’m so excited! First off- because the novel is DONE (and has been for quite some time!) but that the cover picture is FINALLY in the works! This means that within the year (maybe even a few months!) the novel will be released!

*Faints from excitement*

I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, but… what would you like to know? Once the cover gets closer along I’ll sneak leak you some excerpts and start shooting it out for reviews but for the moment, any pressing questions?





Collaboration~ A Writer and a Cat

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


The collaboration between a writer and a cat is a special one.

The writer wants to write.

The cat will demand cuddles. To be petted. To be loved upon.

It will lay on the lap and purr. It will push the hands aside from the keyboard and purr louder.

Occasionally, with a huff, it will allow its servant to write.

Happy writing everyone! May your day be full of happy fur and cuddles!