Good Morning!

Good morning little birdies! You might have noticed a slight absence in this birdie’s presence. Well! I’ve been working on a website for my next (hopefully!) soon to be published novel. And, of course, lounging in the success of my present novel ‘Coffee Break’.

Is it flying off the shelves? Is it paying all of my bills? Not particularly. But that honestly isn’t how I measure success with my novels.

What makes me tick as an author is to hear someone else squeal in joy over a passage. To hear someone snort in laughter. To read a happy review bursting with joy and excitement. That’s how I gauge success.

So yes, this is a very happy author. And a very happy puddy. Jus’ look at ’em!dscn1301-2.jpg

What makes you happy as an author?



Coffee Break!!!

Oh my goodness little birdies. So today was the day to publish my book, right? Well, I thought I had already formatted it, because it looked all pretty.

Turns out I hadn’t. UGH!

About two-three hours of hassle later, “Coffee Break” is now up and published on Smashwords!

Go check it out @ Coffee Break

EEE! Let me know what y’all think of my baby book!

Meet Katrina!

Hey everyone! Now is time to meet Katrina – the lovely main character of my up and coming novel “Coffee Break”.

Who is Katrina? Well she is a lowly assistant working hard every day to make ends meet. She loves a strong cup of coffee almost as much as she loves retro vintage, all things puffy skirted, and of course… beautiful women in suits.

What will happen when she meets Kim (a beautiful woman in a suit, heh heh)? Can you possibly believe that I’m finally publishing this novel tomorrow?! I’m so so so excited!

And what’s even better? The first review for ‘Coffee Break’ is out! Check it out!

Wishing you all the very best of days! ❤

Meet Kim!

Meet Kim, everybody!

Kim is a high-rising businesswoman who’s love for success is only parallelled by her love of a good, strong, cup of coffee. That, and her love for women. Oh, woe!

“Coffee Break” is a happy, fluffy, and light tale about two unlikely women falling in love (with a good cup of coffee in hand, heh heh). What more is there to say? What would you like to know?

Puddy just wants to know how he can get out of his hand-knit sweater (evil chuckles).


Have a great day, everyone!

Someone’s Doing Better – and it’s not just Puddy!

These days, little birdies, have been such big days. Little agoraphobic me has been rushing out the door for so many official business-y things, and on top of it all there has been puddy cat’s disappearance then reappearance… so yesterday I took a break. My heart wandered and I found myself clicking on Smashwords.

Lo! Behold! To my shock and awe, our little just-about-abandoned project lived on. People were still liking and downloading Kim and Katrina’s story, and most shocking of all, my erotic parody had almost as many views! I couldn’t believe it.

Better yet, I took another look at some of the book covers. Yes, they’re not all good. No, they’re not all glorious. But I made the best of them as well as the worst – and I’ve been working hard on getting better with my art in the past year.

What does this mean? I was reinvigorated. Instead of sadly sitting there and wishing the person I asked to freely help me with my book covers would actually do it, I decided to pick up ink and paper and do me a book cover. Because even if it isn’t perfect, it’ll be a cover – and my darling stories will be published. Kim and Katrina’s story will be out there to make all of you laugh and smile just a little.

Exhausted from World Domination

Last night I almost finished a novel. There was a lot of world, a lot of domination (heh heh heh) so I feel like my puddy cat – a world dominator. Rawr. * cracks whip *

Last night – who knows if I’m actually going to keep any of it that I wrote? But it was a revelation, a Bam! Here’s the plot! And a ‘whoa, that’s where this has been going’.

For you see, last November I tried writing a novel. It failed most spectacularly. A few weeks ago, I tried rewriting it. And Lo! Behold! Something entirely different was produced. Different setting, different dynamics, different most everything.

Ah, I told myself, this is an entirely new story.

But Lo! Behold again! Last night’s writing careened, swerved, and aimed straight to land where last November’s book had started.

That’s right. Without knowing it, I was writing the back-drop/prequel to the other novel.  Now of course it isn’t a perfect fit but damn it’s close.

Isn’t it fascinating what can happen when we let the stories decide where they’re going?! I’m just so excited for this new story – it will probably be published sometime next year or late this year – but I might definitely start teasing you all about it before that! I’ve already got several drawings up and ready for it, muahahaha.

Guess What?!

Guess what is coming?! EEEEE!!!! I present to you….

Kim and Katrina!

Katrina on the left, Kim on the right

YASSS! For those of you who do not know, Kim and Katrina were the characters in a series of short erotic fics I wrote about a year ago… and now they’re back!

What? Am I going back to writing lesbian erotica?


Kim and Katrina are coming back in their very own FULL – Length SQUISHY LOVEABLE HUGGABLE NOVEL!!!

AGHHH! I’m so excited! First off- because the novel is DONE (and has been for quite some time!) but that the cover picture is FINALLY in the works! This means that within the year (maybe even a few months!) the novel will be released!

*Faints from excitement*

I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, but… what would you like to know? Once the cover gets closer along I’ll sneak leak you some excerpts and start shooting it out for reviews but for the moment, any pressing questions?