The Meaning of Rainy Days – A Cute Cat Post

Today, little birdies, is a chilly and rainy day. But what are those days for? We have consulted with our kitty kat in order to bring you the greatest wisdom of all…

Rainy days are days to be philosophical…


They are days to curl up in blankets…


And they are days to just be cute!


Hoping you all have the greatest of days!


Finishing a Novel- Little Paws!

I’ve been working diligently on finishing editing and formatting a novel- but someone does not agree!


Look at these cute little paw paws, getting in the way and trying to type. So adorable!


Wishing you all the very best weekend snuggled up with your loved ones!

Carmilla Movie and Cuddles!

Creampuffs Unite! Has anyone else seen the Carmilla movie? Anyone planning on watching it soon? We pre-ordered during the Kickstarter process (if that’s the proper term for it) and have been excitedly waiting since.

The movies’ release date was even marked off on our calendar!

Birdies, we were so so excited for this. The instant yesterday arrived (and when we realized that it was THE DAY) we went out and splurged on goodies. Arms full of chocolate, chips, and tea, we snuggled on the couch and streamed… Carmilla The Movie!

And let me tell you that we were not disappointed. As a duo that regularly binges on Netflix and finds ‘nothing to watch’ we were completely satisfied. We were laughing, I was scared but not too much (I get scared by the slightest hint of suspense), we were nearly brought to tears once or twice, and it was lovely. A great movie, a brilliant and sweet plot, and a very happy ending. We were so, so pleased with it

Everyone- the movie is totally worth the buy. Go watch it! Let us know what you think! And, of course, enjoy another cute picture of our cat!

Have a nice day birdies!


A Shimmering Glance~ We’re Back!

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Even if just for a moment

Even if just for a glance

Even if just for a shimmer.

We’ve been terribly ill and out of sorts. Here’s us checking back in, trying to write some more happy and decadent things and get back in touch with y’all. We sincerely apologize if we haven’t been answering, commenting, or interacting. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with y’all again for a little longer this time around!

Stay warm and fuzzy – TwoLoveBirds



Precipice- What is it? An Erotic Perspective

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

As a lesfic writer currently slaving away at stories of two women madly in love (oh, woe is me!) certain words just make me giggle when I read them. ‘Precipice’ just happens to be one of those. Why? Because it could mean so much.

It could mean a moment, a special glance of the eyes that plunge the action onward. It could be that touch, that one caress, that tips the pleasure over the edge. It could be those words, those special and tender ones, that send the relationship spiraling to new heights.

It could be so many things. At least, that’s what the mind of a lovebird thinks.

┬áSo, decadent readers, what does ‘precipice’ mean to you?

Collaboration~ A Writer and a Cat

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


The collaboration between a writer and a cat is a special one.

The writer wants to write.

The cat will demand cuddles. To be petted. To be loved upon.

It will lay on the lap and purr. It will push the hands aside from the keyboard and purr louder.

Occasionally, with a huff, it will allow its servant to write.

Happy writing everyone! May your day be full of happy fur and cuddles!