Not a Good Day

Today is not a good day, little birdies, and neither was yesterday. Sometimes our health catches up to us in ways we can’t foresee. I’ve decided to stop writing my nanowrimo novel and give it a rest, which was a difficult but necessary decision to make. I am still writing on other projects, and still keeping up with this blog, which is a small victory in and of itself.

To celebrate all the little joys in life, here’s some cuteness! Yes, that is my tummy he’s hugging while I write!DSCN0570

Just look at that happy face!


Wishing you all the very best in your writing! Have a lovely day!


A Shimmering Glance~ We’re Back!

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Even if just for a moment

Even if just for a glance

Even if just for a shimmer.

We’ve been terribly ill and out of sorts. Here’s us checking back in, trying to write some more happy and decadent things and get back in touch with y’all. We sincerely apologize if we haven’t been answering, commenting, or interacting. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with y’all again for a little longer this time around!

Stay warm and fuzzy – TwoLoveBirds