Who is this? A Love Bird!

Last night I was up to mischief. I started crocheting without a pattern- intent on making myself a plush that I could bring along for photo shoots on walks instead of fragile paper cutouts. And Lo! Behold! A birdie hath been produced!

Lookie this lovebird enjoying my early morning coffee!

DSCN1378 (2)

But what is the basic shape? It looks something like this…


Do you want to make your own little love birdie? Fear not! The pattern shall soon be posted – for FREE!




It’s Roasting Hot!

I’m not sure where you are, but over here it’s roasting hot! It’s boiling! I do just a lil’ bit of any kind of movement and I start literally dripping sweat. It’s disgusting. (But secretly I’m hoping to lose a ton of water weight, haha!)

Anyways, a new month begins! It is upon us! For many, it is nanowrimo supper camp – but I’m afraid to say I haven’t quite been keeping up with it. In fact, I’ve decided not to participate and to instead just plug away at the novels I’ve been writing.

But what is that? Hark? I’ve been writing something new?

Oh yes, a little short story! Sometihng sweet, a little calm, and just plain enjoyable. After all it’s been a while since this little birdie has written any short stories for you all! After the glorious success (so far!) of ‘Coffee Break’ I think you all deserve a treat! So don’t hold your breaths buuuut- wait for it! It’ll be soon (hopefully this week!) and I just can’t wait to share it with all of you.

And then we can all lay back and read it like beached whales. Like this, but with a book haha.


We Were Supposed to Take Him to the Vet…

This story has a happy ending.

But first, the sadness.

As some of you have noticed, we’ve been silent on this blog lately. It’s because our mental health has been poor and we’ve been struggling between various projects. Pit has been ill and, with the doctors being unhelpful, we’re left majorly on our own.

But during this time, we were supposed to take our little babies to the vet.

I remember, nearly every week, setting it as the goal. But things happened, and with all the chaos in our heads, it just never happened.

Yesterday I saw el puddy strain at the litter and nothing come out. Being unwittingly ignorant, I thought ‘hmm, we really do have to take him to the vet’.

I hoped it would go away, and kept an eye on him.

He appeared joyful, playful even. There were no other signs if I hadn’t spotted him straining in the litter.

Later, I saw him strain again. Longer, harder, and with no results. I googled, and panic set in.

Here in Canada, it’s Canada day weekend. With all the vets being closed, the cost would be astronomical to visit a vet within 48 hours.

Thinking I would be facing euthanizing my baby the next day due to astronomical fees, I curled up on the bed and cried.

Luckily, I was the only one doing that.

Pit relaxed, thought a bit, and force fed via syringe our baby rosemary tea every hour all night long. (Rosemary tea is excellent for both UTI’s and kidney stones in both humans and cats)

He peed. His eyes (which have been jaundiced lately) even started returning to their normal bright green.

My knight in shining armor saved the day. ❤ Yes, we will be taking our puddy to the vet as soon as possible, but when the vets open and that way we can actually afford to get him treated properly.


So… We Moved

Well Birdies! Want to hear the story of how we moved?

First we lifted all sorts of boxes.birdie lift.jpg

We may have hurt our backs a little…

birdie lift2.jpg

And we may have grown very tired…

birdie lift3.jpg

But now we have a beautiful home to live in!birdie lift4.jpg

And that’s it little birdies! That’s the big ol’ story of how we moved, haha! (And yes, I did kind of hurt myself during the move, but it was over a month ago [!!!] so I’m all better now)



Good Morning!

Good morning little birdies! You might have noticed a slight absence in this birdie’s presence. Well! I’ve been working on a website for my next (hopefully!) soon to be published novel. And, of course, lounging in the success of my present novel ‘Coffee Break’.

Is it flying off the shelves? Is it paying all of my bills? Not particularly. But that honestly isn’t how I measure success with my novels.

What makes me tick as an author is to hear someone else squeal in joy over a passage. To hear someone snort in laughter. To read a happy review bursting with joy and excitement. That’s how I gauge success.

So yes, this is a very happy author. And a very happy puddy. Jus’ look at ’em!dscn1301-2.jpg

What makes you happy as an author?


Meet Katrina!

Hey everyone! Now is time to meet Katrina – the lovely main character of my up and coming novel “Coffee Break”.

Who is Katrina? Well she is a lowly assistant working hard every day to make ends meet. She loves a strong cup of coffee almost as much as she loves retro vintage, all things puffy skirted, and of course… beautiful women in suits.

What will happen when she meets Kim (a beautiful woman in a suit, heh heh)? Can you possibly believe that I’m finally publishing this novel tomorrow?! I’m so so so excited!

And what’s even better? The first review for ‘Coffee Break’ is out! Check it out!


Wishing you all the very best of days! ❤

Meet Kim!

Meet Kim, everybody!

Kim is a high-rising businesswoman who’s love for success is only parallelled by her love of a good, strong, cup of coffee. That, and her love for women. Oh, woe!

“Coffee Break” is a happy, fluffy, and light tale about two unlikely women falling in love (with a good cup of coffee in hand, heh heh). What more is there to say? What would you like to know?

Puddy just wants to know how he can get out of his hand-knit sweater (evil chuckles).


Have a great day, everyone!