I Love You Even when You Steal the Blankets….

Hello little birdies! I hope today that you are all doing just fabulous! Today I am very happy, very excited, and standing firmly on my own two feet! Whoo!

So what news do I have for you this week? I feel as if I haven’t really been talking on this blog, I’ve been hazy with medication and out of sorts. So let me give you all a proper update!

My beloved wife, Pit, is doing well. Better than expected! We are aiming for a full recovery!

As for the writing world, well well… *rubs hands together and cackles * I have started a little picture book! It is about two little birds, of course, who go on a little adventure. So far the reviews are in that it is adorable and oh so cute! It will be entirely hand drawn, of course 🙂

What else? Well, our cat has gotten a little fat, me thinks. I haven’t been measuring his food lately and his tummy has been a tad bit larger. Oops!

Also, there is this novel… hmm… I know I keep promising things, but I was trying to get this novel published with a publisher. That simply didn’t fall through as they are no longer accepting submissions at the moment. Bah! I will self-publish! I firmly believe in self-publishing and have always touted it as an alternative… so wait for me please! I will soon have a lovely book to serve you all, just as soon as I figure out the cover, haha!

Now, they say to end a blog post with a question, so here is one! Is it you or your beloved who steals the blankets at night?! XD


You’re All I Can Think About…

With Valentine’s swiftly approaching, what are your plans? I have a sequence of romantic birdies I’m hoping to share with you all! This one is the first, and it features a birdie romantically dreaming about their beloved, a Queen in their eyes. The colors around this birdie is because they are simply radiating love, haha!

As for my Valentine’s day plans… that’s a secret! Because I totally have a plan to sweep my beloved off her feet! Totally. Just.. gotta find that plan. It’s here somewhere, haha!

Wishing you all the very best day!

Valentine’s is Near!

Valentine’s is such a special time. It’s one of the few times in a year where we dedicate ourselves to celebrating love, the union thereof, and we decadently spoil each other (and sometimes ourselves). Me and my wifey love Valentine’s day. Chocolates (hell yeah!) chocolate fountains (omgggg) strawberries (om nom nom!) and all kinds of pastries and goodiliciousness happens every Valentine’s day… or so we try to.  Most of our Valentine’s days have come and gone on a shoestring budget. More often than not we’ll snap a few chocolates in half between us and sit down and focus on the important part – each other. We snuggle, we cuddle, and we enjoy each other’s love in its most simple form. Because that’s what Valentine’s day is about. Love. (D’awwwww <3)

Are any of you going to be doing something special on Valentine’s day? Do you have plans?

Good Morning!

Good morning lovelies! Today is a beautiful sunny, shining day full of potential. I was spoiled with breakfast in bed this morning! Eep! What more fabulous things does this day have hidden away? Well, it seems like it foreshadows… Knitting!

EEE! I love knitting! Beautiful wool is such a pleasure to work with. Yesterday I finished myself a lovely hat with a giant pom-pom on it. It was almost as cute as… these little pawsies.

Cute little cat paws!

Anywho, of course there’s going to be some good writing happening today! I’ve been writing on a particularly difficult piece lately, and if all goes stable and well I may actually finish it soon! And then I’ll have the joys of editing, re-writing, re-re-writing… hahaha.

I hope you all have a most lovely day!

Someone’s Not Feeling Good…

Ah well. It has happened. Pit, my dearest beloved wifey, is under the weather. Medically so. It always pains me to see her like this. There is a feeling of helplessness when our beloveds are sick and we can’t do anything to help them. It is a terrible feeling, as we wish we could just magic all their pain away. Ah well. I have no words of wisdom to share on the topic of illness, just that it is a terrible thing for all people involved!

I hope you all have a lovely day and that you are feeling well!