It’s Roasting Hot!

I’m not sure where you are, but over here it’s roasting hot! It’s boiling! I do just a lil’ bit of any kind of movement and I start literally dripping sweat. It’s disgusting. (But secretly I’m hoping to lose a ton of water weight, haha!)

Anyways, a new month begins! It is upon us! For many, it is nanowrimo supper camp – but I’m afraid to say I haven’t quite been keeping up with it. In fact, I’ve decided not to participate and to instead just plug away at the novels I’ve been writing.

But what is that? Hark? I’ve been writing something new?

Oh yes, a little short story! Sometihng sweet, a little calm, and just plain enjoyable. After all it’s been a while since this little birdie has written any short stories for you all! After the glorious success (so far!) of ‘Coffee Break’ I think you all deserve a treat! So don’t hold your breaths buuuut- wait for it! It’ll be soon (hopefully this week!) and I just can’t wait to share it with all of you.

And then we can all lay back and read it like beached whales. Like this, but with a book haha.



Meet Katrina!

Hey everyone! Now is time to meet Katrina – the lovely main character of my up and coming novel “Coffee Break”.

Who is Katrina? Well she is a lowly assistant working hard every day to make ends meet. She loves a strong cup of coffee almost as much as she loves retro vintage, all things puffy skirted, and of course… beautiful women in suits.

What will happen when she meets Kim (a beautiful woman in a suit, heh heh)? Can you possibly believe that I’m finally publishing this novel tomorrow?! I’m so so so excited!

And what’s even better? The first review for ‘Coffee Break’ is out! Check it out!

Wishing you all the very best of days! ❤

Puddy and Poop

Look’it that cute little monster. How deceptively adorable he is, hugging his own face and nestling into our little couch. Little monster he is- he’s been pooping everywhere! Unapologetically!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not delusional. I know cats just about never apologize for anything. But really – does he have to parade around after pooping on the rug? Does he? Shouldn’t he feel a little bit of shame? But no, cat’s don’t feel shame. Certainly not after having been out in the wild and being able to poop wherever they want to.

On another non-poop related topic, I’m getting reviewers for my upcoming novel ‘Coffee Break’! If you or someone you know would be interested in a free copy of this happy, fluffy, caffeine-fuelled story with no erotic content, please let me know!

Wishing you all a good poop-free day!

Silently Judging…

I mean, just look at his puddyness. He is definitely judging us all. Especially R.A. Salvatore (author of the book in the background). Puddy cat is judging aaallll.

DSCN1109 (2)

He is so judgy. He is not even sure he wants to lay down and be belly-rubbed next to this book…

But why am I talking about this book? Well, I honestly think that having been an erotica writer spoiled it for me. Everytime a powerful female dark elf cracks a whip, forces a drow male into submission, or flexes their muscles, I keep thinking about the erotic undertones of the story. It’s extremely distracting. I know nothing sexual is going to happen… but I keep half-expecting it to happen because of the undertones I’m seeing.

It’s terrible. So So So distracting.

But let’s look at the silver lining… maybe I’ll get motivated to write a dark elf fantasy novel that’s full of erotic undertones that come to completion (haha!)? Who knows, who knows… for the moment I am paddling away at an erotic full-length novel (not Kim and Katrina’s!) and am trying so hard not to let myself be distracted by anything! Because damn… elves, whips, chains, sexy females all around… ooh la la!

Haha! Have you ever found erotic undertones in a book you really didn’t expect there to be any?

Oh Glorious Weekend!

Oh, how this week has been hectic! How it has me crawling and rushing to my weekend activities like “Huzzah! Huzzah!”

I didn’t have the energy to take cat pictures.

I didn’t have the energy to write. (gasp!)

I didn’t even have the energy to worry about word counts. (WHAT?!)

What happened? Well, I thought my wife was in danger of death. Suicide is no joke peoples, and that’s what I thought I had on my hands. Fortunately it was all a miscommunication and we all laughed about it after.

But oh, I am tired. It was terrifying. I cried so hard my contacts dried out and I could almost not keep food down. Fortunately, it is all over and I can return to writing.

On a serious note- if every you suspect your loved ones are in danger- CALL HELP. Do like me. Call the hospitals and get help. They gave awesome tips, were very comforting, and were very helpful.

I leave you with this happy picture of us, surmounting goals together in search of coffee!

DSCN1091 (2).JPG

Playing in the Curtains!

Twas a sunny day, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!

Or were they?

Hark! A little monster!DSCN1074 (2).JPG

Behind the curtain, lo and behold, a little monster, hiding in the folds!

DSCN1075 (2).JPG

Rawr! It goes. Eeek! I squeal!


To the camera I dash! To the window I return!DSCN1077 (2).JPG

Boop on the nose! Click on the button!

DSCN1080 (2).JPG

Twas not my good profile, said the monster, won’t you try it again?

DSCN1082 (2).JPG

Click-clack! The monsters’ happiness was all a…a… whelp I’m out of poetry!

Good day to all, and to all a good writing schpiel!

A Healthy Vegan Breakfast (lol)

Good morning! This morning, I woke up (hark!). I shambled to the kitchen (oh noes!). I took some cold coffee out of the fridge (YARR!). And I wondered what would make for a suitably healthy breakfast.

And because vegan is healthy… Lookie dis here uber-healthy breakfast!

DSCN1072 (2).JPG

Yes, those are (vegan! So it’s healthy!) chocolate chip cookies. And yes, that is Link and Epona riding to victory together – just like I’m about to victoriously begin typing away at the second half of a novel I started barely two weeks ago. Oh yeah. Feel the writing mojo!

Also, speaking of mojo… I think my cat was trying to fly… Sideways.

DSCN1055 (2).JPG

Just lookie how adorable he is! I’m in love with this flying attempt.

Anyways, I wish you all the best of days and a happy writing time! Have a great day!