I Love You Even when You Steal the Blankets….

Hello little birdies! I hope today that you are all doing just fabulous! Today I am very happy, very excited, and standing firmly on my own two feet! Whoo!

So what news do I have for you this week? I feel as if I haven’t really been talking on this blog, I’ve been hazy with medication and out of sorts. So let me give you all a proper update!

My beloved wife, Pit, is doing well. Better than expected! We are aiming for a full recovery!

As for the writing world, well well… *rubs hands together and cackles * I have started a little picture book! It is about two little birds, of course, who go on a little adventure. So far the reviews are in that it is adorable and oh so cute! It will be entirely hand drawn, of course 🙂

What else? Well, our cat has gotten a little fat, me thinks. I haven’t been measuring his food lately and his tummy has been a tad bit larger. Oops!

Also, there is this novel… hmm… I know I keep promising things, but I was trying to get this novel published with a publisher. That simply didn’t fall through as they are no longer accepting submissions at the moment. Bah! I will self-publish! I firmly believe in self-publishing and have always touted it as an alternative… so wait for me please! I will soon have a lovely book to serve you all, just as soon as I figure out the cover, haha!

Now, they say to end a blog post with a question, so here is one! Is it you or your beloved who steals the blankets at night?! XD


Fear Not, Princess! I will save us!

Ah, to be the great warrior who can rescue my beloved from all her troubles… if only it was possible! I think, for the meantime, I will have to stick with making her smile and brightening her day with yummy foods, haha.

What do you do to make your beloveds smile?

Good Morning!

This morning we are all snuggled up in our knits and pondering the meaning of life, like this…DSCN1358.JPG

I love puddy cat’s expression in this picture. He looks just like I feel whenever I am wondering about writing… or writing… or … maybe writing. Haha, I wonder what I shall do today? Perhaps I shall write. I wrote yesterday – almost seven thousand words! Oh my! It felt so good! It was solid, meaty, and good writing that happened! Epic plot points! Dramatic relationships!

Or perhaps… I shall spam you all with cute little birdie drawings. Like this one.


It might not look like it, but the birdie on the right might actually be kneeling. How would we know? I tried to imagine a kneeling birdie – and it looked very much like that.

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely day! Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I have not heard back yet from yesterday’s submission! Eek! I hope this goes well!

Have the best of days! ❤

Watching the Sunset Together

Ah, lovelies! Today is a very interesting day for me. So much is going on in my writing world – and I am firmly dedicated to keeping it a secret! Ah! How hard! I just want to jump up and down and squeal – or hide my face and hide.

Like this. DSCN1356

Why? Well something has been submitted somewhere (by me) and it may fall through into lovely things or… nothing at all. And I shall have to keep trying and trying anew. I’m just really hoping this will work and be a good match!

Cross your fingers for me little birdies!


Weehee! It’s Saturday! Pit is gaming, I am resting, and would you know it? I’m recuperating slowly from my little downer, so I’m now thinking of doing what all knitters indulge in… spending atrocious amounts of money on wool!

Luckily for me I traded some vintage objects in at a store and now have in store credit. And whooo! Wool! But this brings me to a dilemma…

As a man coming to terms with the fact that I knit, I have run up against a problem. I want to knit for myself, yet all the patterns on Ravelry are for women. Hark! As much as I appreciate lacy shawls featuring delicate rosebud patterns… I don’t think they suit me. So what is a man with an addiction to wool do? Well, swamp your beloveds with knitted things, obviously, haha. Pit is maybe going to start drowning in knits if I start knitting uniquely for her.

But what else will I do? Well, if I manage to sneak out of the house today (I’ll need a ride into town) I might spoil her with a rose. Just because… and then I’ll look something like this giving it to her…


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Hopefully I will be able to keep up and will have more drawings for you tomorrow, but no promises. Take care!



Well hello lovelies! I have been absent on and off lately. That is because I’ve been changing/adapting my medication and that has been causing bouts of unwellness. It’s nothing too severe from the standpoint that it’s not permanent and it’s all part of an uphill climb towards being better/more functional. It is rather debilitating/disabling however, and so I am not always able to even draw my daily little birdie!

Yet here I am today, with yet another little birdie, for today is shaping up to be a good day for me 🙂

The air outside is crisp and cold and as I write, I wonder which of my many novels I will continue working on today. Humor? Action? Or should I be editing? Or worse… trying to make cover pictures? Ah! Decisions!

But who am I kidding? It will probably be begun by a bout of knitting, haha… I am almost done that quilt!

I wish you all a most lovely day, and hope that you can do all the projects that make you happy!

Lots of love.