A Sleepy Tuesday…

Well, bugger. We didn’t quite go to bed early enough last night, and so waking up this morning was… interesting? It looked something like this…

DSCN1049.JPGBut! Here I am! Awake! Alert! (sort of) And bringing you a daily goodie!

First off, let me share with you some good ol’ puddy-catness. These were snapped last night, just after feeding so he was all content on a full belly.a cute puddy.jpg

And again, look at this fluffy happiness!


I love how you can just see his smile and joy! He is not the most spoiled in toys (he won’t play with most toys, so we stopped buying them for him) but he gets so much love and huggles! Often I’ll be sitting and drawing, knitting, reading or writing and he’ll just be snuggled up to me.

Anywhoo, I hope you all have a lovely day! Wishing you all the best joy and fluff there is! Happy writing!


Collaboration~ A Writer and a Cat

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


The collaboration between a writer and a cat is a special one.

The writer wants to write.

The cat will demand cuddles. To be petted. To be loved upon.

It will lay on the lap and purr. It will push the hands aside from the keyboard and purr louder.

Occasionally, with a huff, it will allow its servant to write.

Happy writing everyone! May your day be full of happy fur and cuddles!