Good Morning!

Good morning lovelies! Today is a beautiful sunny, shining day full of potential. I was spoiled with breakfast in bed this morning! Eep! What more fabulous things does this day have hidden away? Well, it seems like it foreshadows… Knitting!

EEE! I love knitting! Beautiful wool is such a pleasure to work with. Yesterday I finished myself a lovely hat with a giant pom-pom on it. It was almost as cute as… these little pawsies.

Cute little cat paws!

Anywho, of course there’s going to be some good writing happening today! I’ve been writing on a particularly difficult piece lately, and if all goes stable and well I may actually finish it soon! And then I’ll have the joys of editing, re-writing, re-re-writing… hahaha.

I hope you all have a most lovely day!


Watching the Sunset Together

Ah, lovelies! Today is a very interesting day for me. So much is going on in my writing world – and I am firmly dedicated to keeping it a secret! Ah! How hard! I just want to jump up and down and squeal – or hide my face and hide.

Like this. DSCN1356

Why? Well something has been submitted somewhere (by me) and it may fall through into lovely things or… nothing at all. And I shall have to keep trying and trying anew. I’m just really hoping this will work and be a good match!

Cross your fingers for me little birdies!


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! In today’s picture I tried messing around a little with markers instead of watercolors. Thoughts? Personally I prefer the look of watercolor, but markers photoedit better on the computer by far. Hmmm… what shall I do? Does puddy cat have the solution?

Of course he does. Just look at this cuteness!


All he needs in life is cuddles and wuvs. And that’s good for me too.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy!

We’re Good!

Why are we good? Well, I just spent about two full hours photoediting today’s header picture, so now that it’s finished I’m good. My frustration levels are lowering again haha. I’m so not a digital artist. I take my hat off to anyone who can manage a tablet without wanting to break the thing.

You see, I used to be … better? At using a tablet when I was making the covers for our shortstories. But then I started learning more and more via paper. And perhaps I became too used to paper and hunching with my beak within two inches of what I draw… but I just can’t stand using my tablet any more. Hence, my frustration with all the photoediting today.

Because I wanted it to have a white background, dammit!

And now it is white! Hurrah! This marks my first step towards making the birdies zazzle and calendar and print and merchandise ready! It means that soon, the birdies will be able to decorate all kinds of things! Oooo, what fun will that be!

What does the kitty kat think of that?

He’s had such a chill time of today (hah!). Lookit that happy smile!


He also ponders the meaning of belly rubs, and whether he wants them or not… (also, look at all that fur on the shawl I just washed!).


Anyways, here is me wishing you all a lovely day! I hope it’s full of smooth sailing and gentle waves 🙂 Also… does anyone like that picture of the birdie? Do you prefer them photoedited (white background) or grey?

‘Cause Baby~ You Were Born This Way!

Happy Monday everyone! The workplace can be a space of discrimination and anxiety, but we here TwoLoveBirds believe it shouldn’t be! And we hope that this week you can be out and proud and supported in who you are!

The Gender Dragon Supports you!valentine 2Hihihi, pardon the early morning (late morning?!) silliness. I sincerely do hope you all have a lovely week free from drama and weirdness. Take care of yourselves!

Lots of Love, TwoLoveBirds