We Were Supposed to Take Him to the Vet…

This story has a happy ending.

But first, the sadness.

As some of you have noticed, we’ve been silent on this blog lately. It’s because our mental health has been poor and we’ve been struggling between various projects. Pit has been ill and, with the doctors being unhelpful, we’re left majorly on our own.

But during this time, we were supposed to take our little babies to the vet.

I remember, nearly every week, setting it as the goal. But things happened, and with all the chaos in our heads, it just never happened.

Yesterday I saw el puddy strain at the litter and nothing come out. Being unwittingly ignorant, I thought ‘hmm, we really do have to take him to the vet’.

I hoped it would go away, and kept an eye on him.

He appeared joyful, playful even. There were no other signs if I hadn’t spotted him straining in the litter.

Later, I saw him strain again. Longer, harder, and with no results. I googled, and panic set in.

Here in Canada, it’s Canada day weekend. With all the vets being closed, the cost would be astronomical to visit a vet within 48 hours.

Thinking I would be facing euthanizing my baby the next day due to astronomical fees, I curled up on the bed and cried.

Luckily, I was the only one doing that.

Pit relaxed, thought a bit, and force fed via syringe our baby rosemary tea every hour all night long. (Rosemary tea is excellent for both UTI’s and kidney stones in both humans and cats)

He peed. His eyes (which have been jaundiced lately) even started returning to their normal bright green.

My knight in shining armor saved the day. ❤ Yes, we will be taking our puddy to the vet as soon as possible, but when the vets open and that way we can actually afford to get him treated properly.



Good Morning!

Good morning little birdies! You might have noticed a slight absence in this birdie’s presence. Well! I’ve been working on a website for my next (hopefully!) soon to be published novel. And, of course, lounging in the success of my present novel ‘Coffee Break’.

Is it flying off the shelves? Is it paying all of my bills? Not particularly. But that honestly isn’t how I measure success with my novels.

What makes me tick as an author is to hear someone else squeal in joy over a passage. To hear someone snort in laughter. To read a happy review bursting with joy and excitement. That’s how I gauge success.

So yes, this is a very happy author. And a very happy puddy. Jus’ look at ’em!dscn1301-2.jpg

What makes you happy as an author?


Puddy and Poop

Look’it that cute little monster. How deceptively adorable he is, hugging his own face and nestling into our little couch. Little monster he is- he’s been pooping everywhere! Unapologetically!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not delusional. I know cats just about never apologize for anything. But really – does he have to parade around after pooping on the rug? Does he? Shouldn’t he feel a little bit of shame? But no, cat’s don’t feel shame. Certainly not after having been out in the wild and being able to poop wherever they want to.

On another non-poop related topic, I’m getting reviewers for my upcoming novel ‘Coffee Break’! If you or someone you know would be interested in a free copy of this happy, fluffy, caffeine-fuelled story with no erotic content, please let me know!

Wishing you all a good poop-free day!

Someone’s Doing Better – and it’s not just Puddy!

These days, little birdies, have been such big days. Little agoraphobic me has been rushing out the door for so many official business-y things, and on top of it all there has been puddy cat’s disappearance then reappearance… so yesterday I took a break. My heart wandered and I found myself clicking on Smashwords.

Lo! Behold! To my shock and awe, our little just-about-abandoned project lived on. People were still liking and downloading Kim and Katrina’s story, and most shocking of all, my erotic parody had almost as many views! I couldn’t believe it.

Better yet, I took another look at some of the book covers. Yes, they’re not all good. No, they’re not all glorious. But I made the best of them as well as the worst – and I’ve been working hard on getting better with my art in the past year.

What does this mean? I was reinvigorated. Instead of sadly sitting there and wishing the person I asked to freely help me with my book covers would actually do it, I decided to pick up ink and paper and do me a book cover. Because even if it isn’t perfect, it’ll be a cover – and my darling stories will be published. Kim and Katrina’s story will be out there to make all of you laugh and smile just a little.

Puddy’s Update!

Well, for those of you wondering, we’ve been cracking our heads at the mystery of what exactly happened to our puddy cat on his escapade. It is now day three of his return, and he is finally eating well, and is almost strong enough to start jumping again. He can make his way onto the sofa alone.

Last night I took him to bed with me and he lay there while I slept, absent-mindedly scratching him as I dozed off.

But this morning, my wify realized his eyes were slightly orange. This, we realized, is due to rat poisoning!

Now I’m not going to say our puddy is a bad hunter. I just find it highly implausible that he ate a poisoned rat when he lost as much weight as he did.

Rather, we think he was taken from our street, intentionally poisoned, and driven the almost hour away to where he was found by a lovely family.

What?! That’s crazy! Who would do such a thing? Well, people are cruel sometimes and I’ve heard that some living in my town do poison cats intentionally. How cruel, how sad… In fact, we think it was puddy cat’s big size and extra fluff that saved him from the poison. He was so terribly weak when we got him back! So terribly thin compared to his jovial fluffyness! His fur has paled to almost whiteness instead of grey and it has a gungy texture!

So keep your kitties safe, peoples! There’s lots of dangers out there for them! As for us, we will be pampering our puddy even more than ever and cuddling him closely as he recovers. ❤


Update on Puddy Cat

Good morning everyone! This morning I woke up to sadly take in stock of the damage that has been done to our puddy cat. He doesn’t seem injured, fortunately, but there is shocking changes that have come about to him.

First of all, uhhh, I didn’t know this was possible but I swear he’s changed color. He’s white now. His grey and blonde is just faded away and he’s pale as can be. Just look at him! He really is that color now.DSCN1205.JPG

Previously he was this color: DSCN1127

Furthermore his fur is all falling out. But beyond that, he isn’t cleaning himself so his fur is all clumping after his bath, matting and making horrible lumps.

Our normally starry-eyed baby holds his eyes narrowed and instead of relaxing and lounging, he’s tense and curled up defensively in corners. He wants to be held and huggled and brushed, which is a good sign I think. At least he remembers us and knows he’s safe here.

I will try and keep posting updates to keep everyone posted, but unfortunately he is simply not the same cat as before. I’m sorry, but there may never be happy starry-eyed pictures of him again… As someone living with PTSD myself, I am horrified to see the damage that has been wrought on my cat and simply hope and pray for his swiftest recovery.

Have any of you experienced this dramatic a change in your cats post-return? I know I should probably take him to the vet asap, but do any of you think something is physically wrong with him? Please let me know!


Someone Came Home!!!

I’m sorry for the recent silence. I had all these fabulous things planned. I have adorable pictures I’m just waiting to share with you.

As some of you know (because I posted about this on instagram) we’ve moved lately. I was preparing adorably cute pictures about this… interesting … move to share with you all. But then someone went missing.

Our beloved puddy snuck out the door when my wifey took the dogs out to poop, and he was gone. Pouf. Vanished.

Desperately, i posted about it on a local facebook site, hoping a neighbor might spot him. I even asked my local elderly and almost started stopping children down the road.

I figured our puddy cat had decided to find a new home, after all the last time he ran away (over four years ago!) he’d found a kind cat lady with almost a dozen cats in her home to care for him. I thought he didn’t want to come home any longer.

But then just a mere few hours ago, someone messaged me! They’d found him!

We rushed into the car! We ran out the door so so fast -> that we forgot to take the directiosn with us. We got terribly lost, and almost didn’t make it.

❤ But we did ❤

I hugged our puddy cat the whole almost hour-long drive home. He’s safe, and bathed, and grumpy. True to his nature (he’s a little pissy) he peed the tub during the bath, haha. It’s probably the only time I’ve been happy to see him pee out of his litter. Lookit dis grumpy face!DSCN1195 (2).JPG

He’s so scrawny now!!! And there’s those bald spots on the back of his neck!!!

DSCN1198 (2).JPG

But you know what? He hugged my arm the whole almost hour drive home, and snuggled his head on my arm. I think he’s happy to be home ❤