Upheavals, Change

Life is full of upheavals and change for me right now. So many very personal things are changing. I am newly single, but not searching, newly on my feet after a long period of mental chaos, and hopefully will soon be employed.

I don’t want to discuss my personal reasons for all this change. Things have just moved, dramatically so. Im even faced with a gender confirmation surgery, this very month! Which is very exciting, very happily so! But all this change can be a bit destabilizing. I’ve felt chaotic, anxious, and now am wondering how to cope best.

But today, I picked up my pencils and drew. I felt ready, and had the time. Joy once more spilled forth, and I was creating.

So, I may be growing, but I still have my joy, my creativity. Im not sure at all what the future of my birdies will be, but they are well and still alive for me, and this means they do still have a future. I am considering some quite large changes for them, and hopefully it will all work out well!

Wishing you all the very best!

Happy News! Rough Draft Finished!

Today, it is a lovely, rainy, restful day. I have spent the day choosing what to knit (that takes up a lot of time for me, haha!), knitting, painting, and editing. Oh, and cleaning my home. But did I mention editing?

YES! Dear birbies and fellow Farfadelians, I am SO PLEASED to announce that the rough draft for what was supposed to be a trilogy is now FINISHED!

I have officially, as of yesterday, begun editing the rough draft of the next upcoming Farfadelian novel: A Tale of Two Warriors.


I doubted this series. I doubted being able to make it all tie in together nicely. I doubted the characters being able to pop, and I guess, altogether, I doubted that the world of Farfadel would pull through for me.

Folks, dear friends, I started the original rough draft of this first novel wayyy back in 2017. 2017!!! Wow! And now, finally, the arc is done. Ish. The rough draft is done, and now comes the many many rounds of editing.

But ah, is the story really done? I don’t want to give away an ending, but, ah, as the saying goes… stay tuned for a follow up series? There shall definitely be more Farfadel to come, and more from this particular cast of characters!

Ah, I am so pleased. So proud. So satisfied. So… excited to share it with you all!

But! What do you, dear reader, have to look forward to?

I am determined not to share spoilers, but I shall share details and pictures of the book, for sure!

So, do let me know, what would you like to know about the upcoming trilogy? I have yet to come up with a blurb or summary, so that’s definitely a first step. But beyond that, I am unsure of what you’d like to know! So ask away!

Here, I am dropping a painting I did of the main character of this series, Rita! I hope you like it, and are curious to know more 😉

Feeling Zen…

Lately I’ve been cultivating my meditation practice, and today it feels like it has payed off.

I feel well. I feel happy and at peace.

Yes, my medication is very much helping, but I feel so has all my inner work. It’s like my psychiatrist said, the medication helps lift my head from the water. But right now, I feel like I’m able to swim, just a little. Just somehow, very little by little, I am beginning to learn.

It’s a lovely feeling, feeling things click into place mentally. I wish it upon all of you.

I also, completely by accident, bought a book on meditation by Pema Chodron, and I am loving it. It is gently breaking so many of my preconceived notions about the way meditation ‘should’ be, and replacing it with wholesome goodness. I am sure my practice is going to grow greatly from it.

I leave you all with a wish for peace and happiness. May you be well 🙏💕

OMG 😲 this site still EXISTS!!!

I think we all do stupid things in life. Leaving this blog was one of them. I thought had deleted it, but it turns out I’d just ignored it!

I have so so much that has changed in the past two years, but the lovebirds are still Here! In fact, this weekend I’m attending a small sale at a local garden center to sell prints and books of my birdies! I am typing this on a tablet, which isn’t typing so well, so I shan’t update much. I’ll save that for when I’m on my computer.

I’m very curious as to how everyone’s doing though! If you read this, could you be a dear and comment? Who are you, how are you, and what are you up to? I look forward to meeting all you lovely people again!

Change is Here!

So, lovely people, for a while I’ve been struggling to run both of my blogs. I would focus only on one, then on the other. After some health problems, I’ve decided to merge both blogs together on my original and most personal one, unhingedandunenlightened.

For those of you who are used to seeing me here, it can be a bit of a shock to read me on there. I curse, I swear, I get political. But I feel far more honest and open there than I do here. So in order to try and feel closer to my audience, I’m shifting things there.

I hope you’ll join me there 🙂

Author Interview with Ellen Jane

Greetings, lovely ones, and welcome to our very second author interview! Today we are interviewing Ellen Jane, author of the short story “A Match Made at Christmas” that I just recently read&reviewed.
So Ellen, hi and welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where were you raised, you know, give us the goods!
Ellen: I’m an Australian writer, so I’ve grown up in and around the sparse bushland of the Australian outback. I used to hate it as a kid, and I longed for rich English forests, but I love it now. It’s starting to creep its way into my books more and more as a setting (though it isn’t in this one because I needed snow!). I don’t have any major events from childhood to share, but I have been affected by mental health issues in both myself and my loved ones since I was young, and I think that is probably the thing that has shaped me most.
Oh interesting. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Ellen: I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), and so having that trait while being surrounded and affected by mental health issues growing up has made me think deeply about people—what connects and separates us. It makes my stories have a strong focus on internal growth and connection.

Yes, I definitely noticed that in your writing. So speaking of writing, what inspired you to start writing?

Ellen:  I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember, but I never shared them until I fell into fanfiction a few years ago. Fanfiction gets a bad rap, but I’ll never be ashamed of it. It’s this brilliant space where there is no separation from writer and reader—you’re all just fans together, no matter who’s putting the words together—and so it removes a lot of the ego you might otherwise develop. You start to approach stories from a communal perspective as something to share instead of something to own; it’s really cool.

Huh, I’ve never heard it described in such a way. I like your point about the removal of the ego. Could you explore how ego affects you a bit more? Is it a stumbling block for you?

Ellen: Yes! Especially working out if I’m writing for myself or others. We live in a world that encourages us to attribute self-worth to performance, and I’ve been slowly reshaping that because I think focusing on performance leads to short-term happiness rather than a genuine sense of self-worth. Writing lives in this intersection of art and commerce, whereby you need to sell your books if you want them to exist anywhere beyond your head, but at their root, they’re nothing more or less than a form of self-expression. Trends come and go, and if you’re constantly chasing what’s popular, there’s no sense of personal satisfaction. But then, it’s a little selfish to sell books that are written without others’ enjoyment in mind. It’s a balance.

Interesting I like how you see it as a balance. Another thing that authors have to balance is character development and plot. Which is more important to you, character development or plot?

Ellen: Definitely character. I’ll read through any amount of clunky writing if a book has a good character. If I truly can’t stand the plot or writing, I’ll sometimes rewrite it in my head as I go just so I don’t have to walk away from the character.

Hahaha, okay! That’s very fanfiction-y but it does show what matters more for you! Now let’s switch tracks a bit. Tell us a little about your writing. What makes your work and this one in particular special?

Ellen: The romance in this book—and often any that I write—is perhaps a bit unique in that it’s more about emotional intimacy and vulnerability than an earth-shattering kiss. It won’t be for everyone, and I completely respect that; I find myself more drawn to romances that emphasize a voluntary and shared vulnerability than romances that have strong heat (though I’ve definitely written those too). I don’t see those romances in published fiction very much, so it was cathartic to write. It’s also pure fluff and lesbians, which the world needs more of.

Can you tell us a little about what happened ‘behind’ this book? Any funny stories that occurred to you?

Ellen: No funny stories, I’m afraid! I was inspired by The Little Match Girl as one of my favourite Hans Christian Andersen stories, but I always bawl my eyes out when I read it. So, I wanted to bring those vibes in and give it a happy ending. Pure wish fulfillment on my part.

What was the most difficult thing about writing this book?

Ellen: Burnout. It’s been a long year for everyone, and along with writing burnout I’ve had a lot of life upheaval this year, not to mention the political climate of the world. I wanted to write some LGBTQ Christmas fluff because I needed it, but even though it was only a short story I struggled through almost every word. But I’m thankful I wrote it because, despite the difficulty, it became the story I wanted it to be.

Awww that’s sweet. I think we’re all glad that you wrote it. 🙂 Is there anything personal that  you used/put into this story?

Ellen: Nothing major, but little elements do creep in. The car alarm going off happened to a friend; the sound of pots and pans clattering at one point was because I was writing on a vid chat with a friend and that was in the background; Elise was involved in wedding planning because I was a bridesmaid this year. It’s fun for me to re-read a story and remember all those little life moments as I go through, even though no one else will notice.

Ah-ha! So there’s a little bit of your life in there! Now what objective material did you use? Did you do a lot of research?

Ellen: God, I’m so not a Ravenclaw. I researched snow? And by that I mean, I went to the snow for the first time recently and was shocked by how cold it is. Astonishing, I know. Apart from that, I mainly focused on how to squash my Australianisms and replace them with British terms (“lie in” instead of “sleep in”; “in the hole” instead of “up the creek”).

That’s funny! Yes, as a Canadian I can confirm that snow is cold haha! But I’m afraid we’ve got to wrap this up. Any final takeaway words or lessons from this book?

Ellen: There’s a line in there: maybe real change isn’t becoming something new but becoming something real. (Or something like that; I can’t remember now!) I think that was the idea I was exploring most. We can be so focused on trying to fix things by turning everything around, but sometimes it’s just about letting go and being authentic, even if it scares you.

New Videos!

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve read “A Match Made at Christmas” by Ellen Jane and done a written review, as well as a little author interview. This means *drumroll* it’s time for the video versions!

So here we have it y’all. My book review video version and my totally new and fresh Author Interview with Ellen Jane!

Check them out! Let me know what you think<3 I hope they cheer up your day a little bit!

Book Review “A Match Made at Christmas” by Ellen Jane

So I’ve had a lot of reading to do. I feel swamped. In the last few days I’ve felt like, ehh, maybe I’ve bit off more than I could chew. So then, just to try and knock something off my list, I picked out a short story that I was interested in and started reading it.

And it was dull. Derp. At the beginning I actually put it down,walked over to where my poor wifey was innocently eating, and sat down and complained about the woes of being a book reviewer. Spoiler?: she wasn’t very sympathetic.

So this morning, just a scant few hours ago, I picked up my ebook again and decided to give it another go.

And again, the beginning was dull and a bit listless. But hah! Once the magic began (literally, there’s magic in the story) – the magic began. Harr harr harr, see what I did there?

Y’all I LOVED this short little cutesy story. It was adorable once the magic started and the action began. I literally didn’t see parts coming and it was just so great!

What was good about it? Cutesy. Adorable. Happy. Fluff. Magic. Adorable life lessons neatly packaged in easy-to-understand tidbits. Lesbian. No obnoxious male characters. No obnoxious ‘but we’re gay’ wailing throughout.

Nope. Just happiness and Christmas-ey joy and magic all throughout. I loved it.

Now what’s not to like about it? If I was to zap myself into the author’s room, sit her down, and give her a solid talking to, what would I tell her to fix (becauseI’m obviously the world’s greatest editor and know-it-all when it comes to writing)?

Well, I would advise to somehow get the story started faster. Maybe that’s just me complaining, maybe I was just depressed last night (I was, actually, and am fighting depression a lot these days so I can be jaded). But I found the story slow to start and dull. There was nothing that hooked me in the first page or so and compelled me to keep reading. I read because I had to. Were I to be scrolling through an online bookstore (like Smashwords, cough cough) I  would have read the beginning of this short story and closed it and moved on with my life. Boo. Not good. Books are supposed to hook people in at the beginning. Short stories even more so.

But what else? Not much, really. There were few tropes, good character depth, and believable interactions combined with hilarious fantasy happenings. I wished the story was longer but appreciated the short quality of this story.

All in all, I really really liked this short story. I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who likes Bridget Essex’s writings. This author is one to keep an eye on! Find it HERE.

How Has Life Been?

Well, first of all, in case you didn’t notice, my book is up for pre-order! Join my throngs of fans (I’m joking, haha) and get yourself a copy NOW!

Second of all, I’ve hurt my wrist. Ouch. Not so pleasant. Writing hurts, doing dishes hurts but I’m still doing all that. Because I’m stubborn.

Now, on the upside, I’m proud to announce that in the coming year I am committed to rewrite and self-publish a fantasy story that’s been mulling in my head since I was a child (literally!). This will be it’s third rewriting, and hopefully the last! Yaaayyyy! Last night it felt like something clicked in the air and I was finally able to get the story started again – for good!

So yes, Farfadel and it’s shenanigans will be getting published, but that’s not what I will be working on. I will be working on a story about mental health, coming of age, racism, and mysticism all at once! And magic. Always magic 🙂