Yet Another Cozy Day…

Today, little birdies, is indeed yet another cozy day. A gentle dusting of snow has fallen out of doors. To my right, the Yuletide tree glimmers with some early presents around it. It is already skewed and helter skelter from a certain cat’s attentions. I have to replace a handful of decorations that have been played off the tree. And to my left, the kitty kat sleeps.


I haven’t been writing much lately, courtesy of writer’s exhaustion, which is courtesy of trying too hard. But today, gently, with a cup of hot tea and some motivation, I want to write you all a Christmas story. Something happy and sweet and motivating. If only I knew what that story was, it might make it go easier, haha. But! I shall discover it while writing.

Wish me best of luck!

And, of course, just take a moment to adore this puddy cat!


I hope you all have the best of days!


It’s Been a While…

Well hello little birdies, it’s been a while! Why has it been so long? Well, after my valiant effort at nanowrimo and my blog-a-day stint, I feel tired. I feel as if I need to rest a little from writing so as to find my writing feet again and do it happily, not in a rush and because of some pressure I’m placing upon myself.

So woe! Does this mean no more cheerful blog posts? Hardly! It simply means less of them, little birdies. After all, I don’t think I could keep up with blog-a-days for very long (and am very proud of how long I did blog every day this november!). There will be a cheerful blog post every week, and hopefully, if health and good luck permits, more short stories to come!

And yes, look at our tree! I’ve already had it all set up with beautiful (fake – so it’s safe for the puddy cat) flowers bursting out of it. Do you have your Yuletide tree set up? Have you ever had to take a break from writing so as to perform better? Let me know!

Cozy Cozy Cozy

What with the cold and the chills and the snowy weather, we can sometimes slip into feeling miserable. A lot of people tell me that they don’t like the cold, the snow, or the chills. But I say – just look at what it does!DSCN0795.JPG

Just lookit’ this cozy cozy little puddy cat all snuggled up and ruling his kingdom of fluff!


Just lookie him… telling me to put the camera away and get to writing? Oh, okay puddy.DSCN0793.JPG

Haha, wishing you all a very cozy day with lots of snuggles and happiness! Back to writing for all of us!



Snowy Sceneries

Well hello everyone! Today, in our little world, we have snow. Beautiful, light, fluffy snow (that needed shoveling off a balcony). Lookit’ this beautiful scenery!DSCN0777.JPG

Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where snow and trees and such beautiful nature exists?


And lookit the cutest scenery of all!DSCN0598.JPG


Just so cute! So happy to be warm and snugglies inside while it’s cold out!


Are you getting any snow where you are? How are your cute little creatures responding to it? Drop a comment!.0

Your Daily Dose of Cute

Today, my little birdies, is a gloomy and grey day. It is a day for relaxing, preening oneself, and for quiet contemplation (cough cough – and writing!). But for this puddy cat, it is merely a day for grump. DSCN0630

When he realized that it was time for his morning photoshoot, his cuddly-ness began promptly slurping and preening all over himself, refusing to hold still. He was definitely cranky. Maybe because his giant stash of food has finally run out. Two days that dose that Pit gave him lasted! Two DAYS! No wonder he was in a food coma!

But now he was grumpy. So, I told myself as I looked at his grumple-ness, this will not do. What sort of cheer am I to share into the world this morning, with a grumpy puddy cat?

Well, fear not little birdies! I looked beyond the puddy cat and saw – a dwagon plushy!

Behold, your daily dose of cheer!DSCN0633.JPG

This little dwagon will fiercely protect all who enter this house, including a grumply puddy cat! All hail the fearsome dwagon!

Haha, have a great day little birdies! Enjoy the weather wherever you are – I’m sure it’s beautiful out! And keep on writing!

Do I Like Cats?

Good morning little birdies!

Ooooh, stretch!DSCN0622

This morning, while sipping my chai tea and contemplating what to blog about on this beautiful day (it’s been snowing gentle, large, and picturesque snowflakes this early morning), I found myself struck by the obvious.

I like cats.

No, duh, you might say. But let me take a minute and show you just how much I like cats.

Lookie this cute lil’ mug my mom gave me for xmas years ago!


And, as I plot out what to do today, take a look at this agenda. DSCN0625.JPG

And, of course, take a look at the sassy kitty who has decided that his daily camera time is up! His highness needs to rest now!DSCN0624.JPG

Haha, I never noticed that I had so many cat-themed things around me! Trust me, there’s far more… Do you have something you unwittingly obsess over? Does it show up in your writing? I don’t think cats have yet to sneak into my stories, actually. But maybe I just haven’t noticed it yet!



Oh No! (Nothing bad happens)

Today, I woke up. I entered the living room. I saw his majestic cuteness and thought (as always) “Awww, da puddy cat. Goodgie goodgie goo goo”

Ahem. Very adult of me, I know. But just look at him!


And I, unwittingly, crept closer. And closer. And closer.DSCN0610

And I thought, My, what a fuzzy tummy he has. My, how very still he is. My, how very happy he is. DSCN0611.JPG

And then, as I was pondering all this, Pit (my adorable wife) strolled over.

“Don’t feed him,” she chirped “I overfed him last night and he still has food left over.”

I gasped. I stared. The evidence was there! Our kitty kat was in a food coma! Lookit that happy over-stuffed face!DSCN0613.JPG

Haha! And that is all our adventures, little birdies! Have a wonderful day and best of time writing your lovely stories!